The Competition

Unbroken Ocala will be a fitness competition like you've never seen before.

Keep reading to learn how this event will run on August 24th.

There will be 4 Athletic Zones
Functional Fitness
Gym Fitness

Each of these zones will have 3-4 different workouts/stations available to be completed. (these workouts will be posted soon, so don't worry)

You can buy tickets for any number of stations that you'd like to do that day. They can be purchased as a single ticket or in packs of 4.

Here's an example: an athlete purchases a pack of 4 tickets and uses all of them on the Fran station. That's ok.

Another example: an athlete purchases a pack of 8 and uses 2 tickets for 2 different workouts in each zone. That's ok too!

Scoring: Each station has scoring that will be independent from EVERY other station. You have an opportunity to win at multiple stations!

There will be Male and Female standards, divisions and prizes for each station. There will be Rx and Scaled opportunities in the functional fitness stations. Those details will be released soon!

Date: 24 August,2024
Time: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Location: Iron Legion- 217 SE 1st Ave. Ocala, FL 34471

  • Parking for the event will be at the parking garage in downtown Ocala: 504 SE Broadway St, Ocala, FL 34471

Divisions & Movements

Registration is for an 'Open Division'
Each station is independent of other stations with regards to scoring. 
Some stations will be max number of reps, fastest time, heaviest weight lifted, or longest distance.


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