The Competition

This competition was designed to challenge your mind and body.  Test your strength, agility, and vigor in an event that will take your fitness to the next level. Whether you train at a box or in your garage, this competition will test your anabolic and lactic tresholds.  Don't wait too long to register as spots will be limited. 

Date: 21 October,2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: CrossFit 239 - 3789 Fowler St Fort Myers , Fl 33901

  •  Warm-up area provided
  •  This is an indoor/outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparal and food vendors

Divisions & Movements

(all standards are working weight:)


Deadlift 95/155
Clean & Jerk 65/95
Snatch 55/75
OHS 55/75
Front Squat 65/95
WBS 10/14
Box Step Up 20/24” 
KBS 16/20k
Single Under
High Knee 
Ring Row
Hand Release Push Up
Scaled Rope Climb 
Dumbbells 20/35


Deadlift 155/205
Clean & Jerk 95/135
Snatch 75/115
OHS 75/95
Front Squat 95/135
WBS 14/20
Box Jump 20/24” 
KBS 24/32k
Double Under
Pull Up/C2B
Rope Climb 
Dumbbells 35/50

Deadlift 185/225
Clean & Jerk 105/155
Snatch 95/135
OHS 95/135
Front Squat 125/155
WBS 20/30
Box Jump 24/30” 
KBS 24/32k
Double Under
Pull Up/C2B/Muscle Ups 
Deficit HSPU
Legless Rope Climb 
Dumbbells 50/70


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