The Competition

Corrective Strength Patterns 

Bulletproof your body the Iron Way


This is a series of seminars focusing on strength fundamentals starting with the squat and all things hinge.


In this 2 hour seminar you will learn:

  • Squat Fundamentals 
  • Deadlift Fundamentals
  • Variations
  • Common Faults
  • Modifications 
  • Bracing 
  • Unconventional Uses
  • Auxiliary Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises


Our goal is to give you the tools needed to get strong and stay injury free. 

Date: 22 May,2022
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Ironlife Athletics- 1331 Brookhaven Dr Orlando FL 32803

Schedule of Seminar

May 22, 2022 10am-12pm

Divisions & Movements

Meet the Coach

  • Aaron "Coringa" Conway is the owner and head coach of Ironlife Athletics.
  • He started his career as a sports and strength recovery trainer 15 years ago.
  • He has trained several pro and amateur athletes for competitions ranging from MMA, Strongman and Highland games. 
  • He is the former president of Foundation for Scottish Athletics, and he holds a wide variety of certifications from arm lifting USA grip trainer to Mace Fit Certified instructor. 
  • He is a second-degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt and studied under Thiago "Batata" Dominguez
  • He started his martial arts career studying Brazilian Capoeira and went on to become a professor and instructor in the art. 
  • He is the defending National Sumo Wrestling champion and is a retired Pro MMA fighter. 
  • He also is a Highland Games 'A' Athlete and amateur Strongman competitor.
  • Coringa’s passion is fixing people by reverse engineering problems to get to the root cause. He uses his vast knowledge of strength training and human physiology to help people get strong and stay injury free. 
  • Whether you want to train for a competition or just want the strength to play with your kids, he’s got you covered.
  • His best title is father of two wonderful Children.  
  • Oh, and he’s a Slayer and Star-wars Super fan. 


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