The Competition

This is an empowering all-female CrossFit Competition hosted by Hoosier CrossFit at the Hoosier Athletic Club in Bloomington, Indiana.

Teams are $199. 
Rx division winners can earn cash prize!*

Divisions explained

SCALED divison: you and your partner scale most daily workouts. You do hanging knee raise, single unders, and use 20lb dumbbells.

INTERMEDIATE RX: you and your partner scale some workouts and RX other workouts. You may be able to do RX loads, double unders, & Toes to bar, but perhaps not unbroken. You have chest to bar pullups, handstand pushups, and use the 35lb dumbbells. Some loads are challenging, but doable. 

Elite RX: you and your partner are competitive, advanced athletes. You can do muscle ups, peg board, and 50lb dumbbell clean and press. 

the above examples are just examples - movements and movement standards can change at anytime.  

  • Register to claim your TEE SHIRT/tank top. the DEADLINE is 3 weeks prior to the event

  • Heat assignment and timeline will be emailed and posted to facebook the night before - emailing us for the timeline will not speed it up. 

  • When you register, the captain needs to provide athlete 2 personal information & email for athlete 2 to receive emails

*Cash prize will be awarded with adequate enrollment

Date: 09 July,2022
Time: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Hoosier Athletic Club

  • Warm-up area provided
  • Bring tents/canopies to 'camp' between workouts.  Indoor 'camping' will not be allowed and all athlete belongings must be outside.  We ask that spectators 'camp' with you between events as well. 
  • This is an indoor event, with outdoor activities.  Plan for the weather. 
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparel and food vendors are TBD



7:30am-8:30am: Athlete Check-In
8:40am: Athlete Briefing
9:00am: First heats begin.
Awards ceremony and closing remarks will begin TBD.

*athletes will not receive heat assignments until the night before the event.


Divisions & Movements

  • Weights represent what athlete can do for multiple reps.
  • Each division is designed so you can be competetive in the division that is right for you.
  • We count on you to have integrity when choosing a division - an RX athlete should not pair up with a scaled athlete and register for the Scaled Division. However, the scaled athlete can do their best leveling up.
  • Check with your coach on whether you are too advanced for a particular division or contact for questions.
RX - Elite This division is for those who RX daily workouts, and can link toes to bar, pullups, and double unders and feel like they can be competetive within RX loads and skills. Your strength and skill on the bar or gymnastics work matches up with the loads provided below.
Clean and Jerk 95
KB/DB clean & S-OH - 50#
Snatch 95
KB/DB sntach - 35#
Shoulder to Overhead 95
Deadlift 155
Box Jumps 20"
Toes to Bar
Chest to bar
Handstand pushup
DumbBell 35-50#
Muscle ups: can do 1 at a time, or string multiples together
Deficit/strict handstand pushups: can do 1 at a time, or string multiples together
- - - - --
RX : this division is designed for those who Rx some/most/all workouts. You can do most/all RX skills and loads, but you're not competetive with the advanced RX athletes. You may have a muscle up but it's spotty and don't link them. You should be capable of all traditional RX loads and skills.
Clean and Jerk 65
KB/DB clean and S-OH:35#
Snatch 65
KB/DB snatch: 20#
Shoulder to Overhead 65
Deadlift 115
Box Jumps 20"
Toes to Bar:
Chin over the bar kipping pullups
Chest to Bar pullups
HandStand pushups
- -- - - - - -
SCALED: This division is designed for those who scale daily workouts. You may have 1 double under, but that's on a good day. You may have a strong deadlifts or back squats, but your technical lifts are still in progress. You don't have handstand pushups, chest to bar pullups, and perhaps you can chin over the bar pullups, but you can't link them very good. Ask your coach if you're a scaled athlete or could be considered RX for a competition environment.
Clean and Jerk 45
KB/DB clean: 20#
Snatch 45
KB/DB sntach: 20#
Shoulder to Overhead 45
Deadlift 45
Box Steps or Jumps
Hanging knee raise
Ring Rows
Hand release knee pushups
- - - - - - - -


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