The Competition

This is a 1 day, 2 person, TEAM competition created for you to have fun and enjoy our sport. Costumes are encouraged. There will be a medal for the team with best costume, a prize for the box with the most teams entered, and a 1,2,3 place medal for top three teams in each division. The team may be made up of all male or all female or mixed. There will be an RX, Sx, Masters Rx, Masters Sx, Adaptive division and a family division 14 and under with a parent or guardian.  This is the time to come and have a good time with your best friend, your spouse, or your child!


Date: 04 December,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Kandy Kane Christmas TreeLand- 10001 NE 27 Terrace, Anthony, FL

  •  Warm-up area provided
  •  This is an outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparal and food vendors


Decemeber 5 on Saturday from 8am-5pm

Divisions & Movements


Please note that these are 


Deadlifts for reps- 185/135
Snatches for Reps- 9565
Cleans for Reps- 135/95
Wall Balls to 10'

KB 70/55


Deadlifts for reps- 155115
Snatches for Reps- 75/55

Cleans for Reps- 115/75

Wall Balls to 10'/9'
KB 55/35

***Things to consider***
1.. Staff harassment is not acceptable!
2. Only one switch of division is allowed.
3.  After one switch, a fee of $10 per switch of division.
4. If you miss your heat you will not be permitted to go in a later heat.
5.. For Scaled ONLY! Additional scaling is possible, but will affect scoring.
6.. Accommodations will be made for junior athletes based on age and size.  
7.. The above movements and standards are just a general notion of what we have 
to come.


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