The Competition

We are awarding Brevards fittest!!

The event is called The Pura Vida Throw down.  Pura Vida translates directly from Costa Rican as pure life though it is more of a life flavor than simply a saying.  That’s our event.  It is hard but worth it, both fun and taxing.  We have it in the heart of cocoa village so there are plenty of restaurants and bars to stop in when you’re done or while you’re watching.  This is your chance to come out and play with the elite even if you are not.  There are 4 divisions Rx, Scaled, Masters, and Teams.   It is possible for anyone to compete.  Come find out why competition is so much fun!!
It is a gathering of for all the fitness community to just have a great day.  It takes place in downtown cocoa village right in the middle of the bars, restaurants, and a huge playground. There will be plenty of things there to entertain the whole family. The fountain will be on for kids, and athletes, to cool off.  We have  4 events this year with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their class.


Date: 21 November,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 02:00 pm
Location: Cocoa Village Riverside Park - 401 Riveredge Blvd, Cocoa, FL 32922

Bars, restaurants, and vendors all around the event


3 min max rep deadlift (no regrip) (135/95/65) score is reps

10 Min to find Max effort clean and Jerk (Kilos) Score is weight in Kilos.  Competition weights and bars available for pre purchase.  Here is the link (

15 Min AMRAP 10M sprint return for  1 devil press, 20 M sprint, return for 2 devil press, 30M sprint, return for 3 devil press, 40M sprint to 1 Tire Flip Score is rounds and reps

1.5 mile River Run we will score this please give us a number to use from 1-150

Divisions & Movements


RX Men, RX Women, Scaled Men, Scaled Women, Masters Men, and Masters Women



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