The Competition

This is a competition being created with community, crossfit, and fun in mind. It is a single division team event that is meant to test the ten general physical skills of crossfit. Teams will be made up of two people of the same gender. So no matter the age, skill level, or length of time doing crossfit, this competition is being put together in a way that anyone can come enjoy the day. Though anyone should be able to compete, there will be a few minimum physical skill requirements to keep in mind that will be listed below but otherwise call up your workout buddy and come have some fun.

Date: 21 August,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm
Location: Healthpoint Fitness - 2126 Independence St Cape Girardeau Missouri 63703

  •  Warm-up area provided
  • Food will be available to purchase from local businesses
  • Workouts will be at our facility and local high school (1/4 mile away)
  • Spectators allowed to restricted areas and must sign a waiver if entering the building


Divisions & Movements

Masters - Two person team (M/M or F/F) minimum age of 40 and combined age of 90
Everyone Else - Two person team (M/M or F/F)

This Competition is programmed for anyone to compete but minimum movement requirements should be:

 Bodyweight Movements
 Barbell Movements
 Dumbbell Movements
Medball movement variations
If teams advance to Championship WOD, be able to do any movement you would see
programmed by Crossfit HQ.


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