The Competition

CrossFit Jaguar and BeMore Wellness are proud to host the first ever MAYDAY Throwdown.  A day-long event featuring a variety of workouts made for both novice and seasoned athletes to prove their fitness finesse. Gather your Team of 2 (2 dudes or 2 gals) and get ready to test your strength, agility and energy with other like minded fitness individuals.  

Whether you train at a box, chain gym or at home, are a seasoned competitor or brand new this competition is for you!  Don’t wait to register as spots are limited.

Same Sex Teams of 2
Males & Females
3 WODs, 2 floaters
2 Divisions:  Novice and Open

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Date: 01 May,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Location: CrossFit Jaguar - 9509 N. Trask St Tampa, FL 33624

  •  Warm-up area provided
  •  This is an indoor/outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • Tee Shirt deadline 2 weeks before event date


  • Food vendors


Saturday, May 1st

All-Day Competition starting at 8:00 am and ending around 4:00pm

Divisions & Movements

These are STANDARDS. A GUIDE for choosing an appropriate division. These may or may not be ALL of the lifts and movements you will be required to perform. However, as long as you meet your division standards, you will be able to perform all of the programming safely.
Open – working weights, must be able to do multiple reps. These are not 1RMs
Deadlift – 275#/185#
KB Swings – 70#/53#
Chest to bar pullups
Handstand Push Ups
DB Snatch 50# / 35#
Toes to Bar
Double Unders
Wall Balls 20#/14#
Box Jumps 30”/24”
Novice – working weights, must be able to do multiple reps. These are not 1RMs
Deadlift – 225#/155#
KB Swings – 53#/35#
Ring Rows
Hand Release Push Ups/Bear Crawl
DB Snatch 35# / 20#
Knees to Elbows
Single Unders
Wall Balls 14# / 10#
Box Jumps / Step ups 24”/20”
Proficiency in body weight movements such as burpees, squats, running, etc. are standard across both divisions


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