The Competition

 Do you like being competitive with others in your age group, then you're going to have a great time at the Age Group Invitational at Hoosier CrossFit in Bloomington, IN. 



  • tee shirt deadline is 2.5 weeks before event date! We do not order extras for late registrations!
  • Stay involved on the @hoosierEvents page on Instagram for workout releases and more content

Date: 23 October,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Hoosier Athletic Club - 340 S. Walker Street, Bloomington, IN 47403

  • This event is designed with traditional RX skills and loads (generally consistent with the CrossFit open). Scaling is welcome, but scores will not be placed among athletes that perform the workout as prescribed. 
  • Workouts are released when they are ready! We cover all 10 physical skills, thoughtfully program for all fitness levels to have fun and feel empowered in competition, practice the workout once or twice to ensure timing, flow, equipment, and judge preparations are in order. 
  • Workouts may be indoor & outdoor, be prepared for difficult weather.
  • Timelines are not released until the night prior to  the event. No exceptions. 
  • Free admission for spectators. Spectators must wear masks inside the building. We suggest you bring a canopy for outdoor seating between workouts.
  • Athletes and spectatorts may not "camp" inside;  a canopy outdoors for rest/recovery between workouts is suggested.


9:00am: First heats begin.

Awards ceremony and closing remarks are TBD

Divisions & Movements

Age Divisions

M & F  13-15
M & F 16-18
M & F 19-29
M & F 30-39
M & F 30-39
M  &F 40-49
IND M & F 50+

TEAM MM & FF : teams must be a combined age of 70+

A 34 year old can pair up with a 43 year old
A 43 year old can pair up with a 64 year old!
A 20 year old can pair up with a 50 year old.

As long as both ages combined are 70 or greater.

Teams will have 4 scores instead of 3.

WOD 1: Your first score will be the total combined age of both team mates!

Team A: Ages 34 and 43 have a total age of 77

Team B: Ages 45 and 47 have a total age of 92

Team C: Ages 20 and 50 have a total age of 70

Team D: Ages 21 and 49 have a total age of 70

Team B would score more points over teams A, C & D.

If a team is tied, for example Team C and D scored 70, the tie break will be the older individual. Team C would score more points over team D.

 1st place is Winner Takes All in each division.

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