The Competition

Battle at the Beach" is a one day fitness competition at Postcard Inn On The Beach, St. Pete Beach, located beachfront on Florida’s West Coast, minutes away from downtown St. Petersburg.  Unlike typical fitness competitions held indoors and more to offer than outdoor competitions, be prepared to get wet and sandy to test your all around fitness level.  This will be an exciting competition and great reason for a getaway on the beautiful beach. We expect enjoyable weather without rain or blazing heat. Postcard Inn On The Beach! is offering amazing LOW RATES for all athletes and spectators! Cash & surprise prizes for all division winners
On Saturday, November 21st,2020  three person same sex teams- Scaled, Intermediate and Rx divisions will battle it out on the Postcard Inn beachfront challenged by creative workouts

Date: 21 November,2020
Time: 09:00 am - 08:00 pm
Location: Post Card Inn Resort on Saint Petersburg Beach

  •  Warm-up area provided
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparel and food vendors



Divisions & Movements

Please note that these are working weights and 
subject to change this is a baseline

Scaled ***

KBS/SDHP/Thruster/Farmers/Dumbell movements Carry- 35/25

50 m Swim- 2 people

D-Ball- 70/50

Body weight movements

Yoke 140/100lbs

Partner Carry Variations (2 atheltes)

Bench Press- 65/45

Back Squat/Front Squat -135/90


KBS/SDHP/Thruster/Farmers Carry- 53/35

Swimming only 2 athletes

D-Ball- 100/70

Yoke -160/140lbs

Partner Carry Variations (2 atheltes)

Bench Press- 115/65

Back Squat/Front Squat -155/135

RX: ***

KBS/SDHP/Thruster/Farmers Carry- 70/53

Swimming only 2 athletes

D-Ball- 150/100

Barbell movements 135/95

Yoke 200/160lbs

Partner Carry Variations (2 atheltes)

Bench Press 135/85

Back Squat/Front Squat- 185/155


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