The Competition

EVENT CHANGE DATE -- WODi Gras 2021 is now April 17, 2021 -- Good News is you have plenty of time to train MORE....  

Gather your Co-Ed Team of 4 (2 male, 2 female)  and get ready to test your strength, agility, and vigor in an event that will take your fitness to the next level. Team registration will open back up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out!

Join us for year FOUR of WODi Gras, guaranteed to go down in history as the Biggest party ever disguised as a Competition!  You're going to Love the New Venue as you join 400+ Athletes in the Greatest Fitness Party NOLA has ever seen!

Don't wait too long to register as spots will be limited and sure to sell out fast!

Date: 17 April,2021
Time: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm
Location: Crescent Park

  • Warm-up area provided
  • This is an outdoor event; athletes may bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparel and food vendors


This page will be updated and a detailed schedule will be emailed to participants closer to the competition date.  

Athlete Briefing: 7:30

First Event begins 8:00

Podium ceremony 3:00

Athlete and Spectator After-party presented by Brieux Carre 3:00-4:00  

Please understand that schedules are tentative until registration closes and we are able to complete individual heat schedules.

Divisions & Movements

2021 Divisions and Movement Standards

All teams are made up of 2 males and 2 females. 

Max Deadlift
Toes to Rings
Wall Ball 30# (M: 10 ft, W: 9 ft.)
Hang Snatch (135/95)
Max Deadlift
Toes to Ring
Wall Ball 20# (M: 
(M: 10 ft, W: 9 ft.)
Hang Snatch (95/65)
Masters: (2021: 35+ for all teammates)
Max Deadlift
Toes to Ring
Wall Ball 20# (M: 
(M: 10 ft, W: 9 ft.)
Hang Snatch (95/65)
Max Deadlift
Toes to Ring
Wall Ball 14# (M: 10 ft., W: 9 ft.
Hang Snatch (75/55)

WOD 1: The Meeting of the WODs

1A. 1 Mile Run as a Team
1B. Max Deadlift

20 Minute Cap

WOD 2: My Grip is NYX'd

For Time:
30 Hang Snatches
50 Toes to Ring
30 Hang Snatches
30 Hang Snatches
50 Wallballs
30 Hang Snatches

12 Minute Cap
RX: 135/95 Hang Snatch
30lbs Wallballs (10ft/9ft)
Intermediate/Masters: 95/65 Hang Snatch
20lbs Wallballs (10ft/9ft)
Scaled: 75/55 Hang Snatch
14lbs Wallballs (10ft/9ft)

WOD 3: What the Tucks?!

For Time:
Athlete 1: 500m Row, 25 Barbell SH2OH, 40m Keg Carry

Athlete 2: 400m Row, 25 Barbell SH2OH, 60m Keg Carry

Athlete 3: 300m Row, 25 SH2OH, 80m Keg Carry

Athlete 4: 200m Row, 25 Barbell SH2OH, 100m Keg Carry

16 Minute Time Cap
Should to OH Weight:
RX: 155/105
Intermediate/Masters: 135/95
Scaled: 95/65

Keg: 30lbs for all divisions



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